This is about Libya.    This is what Zuma (the supposed Zulu – can he really be Zulu?     ~He is no at all how I think of Zulus)    – anyway,  he betrayed Gaddafi and the wonderful Libya.    Some friend!

Why did he have SA vote against Libya at the UN?      Because he is nothing but a servant of The Crown.     The Crown is The City and that means the bankers and gangsters, one of whom is The Queen of Britain!    

This is the result of the new SA being formed as a corporation.    This corporation is listed on the NYSE as nothing but a business.   You can buy shares in this business.    The people of SA are the “human resources” of the Corporation of South Africa!

That is, they the people of SA, are simply assets of the corporation just as the mines and equipment and land and the rivers and everything else are assets belonging to the corporation of South Africa!    

And who owns the corporation and all it’s assets?     Most of it is “owned” by the bankers, of course.

More:    the Reserve Bank of SA is part of the system of “central” banks – and they are all owned by The Crown in the end.    It seems it has various fronts – such as the  IMF and World Bank.   So, the Reserve Bank of SA is like the FED – it is not owned by the country or the people of the country!

What a scam.    What a disgusting lie, what theft!

Because the new SA was made a member of the British Commonwealth, South Africa now has to obey the commands of the British Queen and vote at the UN according to her dictates – and that means the Rothschilds. ultimately.     Besides, some people say that the “royal family”  (they do not seem very noble or royal to me these days)  is not only Jewish but is actually so thoroughly mixed up with the Rothschilds that the are virtually the Rothschilds!     Even Princess Diana’s Mother was a Rothschild – and according to the Jews, if your Mother is Jewish so  are you.    And take a look at Princess Ann!    She is the very image of Jacob Rothschild, or perhaps even more the one called called Lionel – frizzy hair and all.    It is amazing.

One way or another Mandela betrayed South Africa.    He probably had no choice – like this Obama person who has to do exactly as he is told by his banker masters.     Webster Tarpley thinks he is frightened.

But the worst, the most pernicious and destructive betrayal concerns the inclusion in the new constitution of so called “human rights” of homosexuals, by Mandela and that wretched Tutu.     They betrayed the culture and the very soul of Africa by agreeing to that.

What a mess they have made.