There is a very interesting video on Youtube posted by Julian Schoeman and called

“The Walls Came Tumblin’ Down.”     It was made by John McCarthy who was held hostage in Beirut for five years.     When he was released he decided to go to the Holy Land and find out more about what was causing, and is still causing, so much misery in the Middle East, and which is also causing so much anxiety in the whole World because of the constant threat of war.   

The Jews really do not have any right to be there.    Not only do the Jews who invaded Palestine have no ethnic connection to the Middle East because they are Khazar Jews who adopted Judaism in around 800 AD – for political purposes, not spiritual reasons – but they actually have a country of their own.    It is called Birobijhan.     It is the place from which they originate, in SE Russia.   I will get back to that later.   They are not Semitic!   

At present I want to explain why the Jews, and not only these European or Khazar Jews, have no legitimate, let alone moral claim, to Palestine or Jerusalem because there is no archaeological evidence linking them to that land.    The people who lived there were Canaanites and the South was called Judea.    Judea was an Egyptian province.    There are still ancient Egyptian barracks and towers and administrative offices to be seen there.

The North was called Israel.    It could not have been more separate and different.    I do not know why they took the name of Israel.    It is not honest at all.    And there were no “ten Tribes” or Twelve Tribes – or any such thing!    

Ahab and his kingdom of Israel was utterly destroyed by Sargon 2nd.   Ahab’s wife was Jezebel!      The entire population was destroyed or taken away and distributed in the empire, except for few who fled South to the very tiny and very poor village of Jerusalem.

Among those refugees were the Samaritans who had their Scroll of the Torah with them.    That seems to have been the scroll which the priest “found” in the “Temple.” 

There are still about seven hundred Samaritans in Palestine and they are still badly treated!



Here is a link called “The Jewish People’s Ultimate Treasure Hunt.”

It proves once and for all that the Jews are not Semitic

John McCarthy, a brave and thoroughly decent man, spent months with many archaeologists at many digs in the “Holy Land.”    

First of all, there was no “exodus”, no Moses. no Solomon and definitely no Temple.   The only temple to be found is a description of  an Egyptian temple in the Old Testament.    There never was any other temple in Jerusalem!      None.    Actually, there is no evidence of any Hebrew presence in Jerusalem – ever!    

Look into this link:

But neither was there any “exodus”.    There was no Moses, no Solomon and there is no mention of any kind in the records of the surrounding powers of the time of any king called David.    Just none!     Obviously a great king would have been mentioned!    

That story seems to have been copied from a hero myth of the Syrians, just as the story about Abraham was copied from Syrian mythology. 

It was Sargon the Great, 2334 BC, who was placed in a basket which was sealed with pitch – there was always plenty of pitch seeping up through the sand in that part of the World – and set on the River Tigris.     A tyrant was looking for this baby. 

His basket to rest in the reeds at the bottom of the garden of the Palace.    He was rescued and brought up in the Palace – and the rest is history!

The rest of the story they made up about Moses (in about the 2nd. Century BC they now think)  is the story of Hammurabi who was inspired to have The Law inscribed on stone – which did.    Such stones were placed all over the Empire.    There is one in The Louvre in Paris.     There should still be many all over Iraq if they were not all stolen during the horrible and disgraceful destruction of The Cradle of Civilisation, the “Shock & Awe.” invasion when the flourishing country was destroyed.


While I am about it I might as well mention that it was Ut-Nishpatim who heard God whisper to him through the reed walls of his house in Sumeria telling him to hurry and build an ark because a Great Flood was coming.      The story about Noah in the Old Testament is taken almost verbatim from The Epic of Gilgamesh.   Actually, I think it may be verbatim.

The great poem known as The Song of Songs was a love song, to her king,  of a priestess of ancient Sumeria.      It is nothing to do with any Solomon.

The story about “Solomon” seems to be taken from the history of Amenhotep 3rd who was very wise and who kept the World peaceful while he ruled.

Then there was Akenaten who decided that there must be only one god – and his son Tutankhamun restored the old religion.

However, the way the “Jews” or the “Habiru” or whatever they were called at various times, came to decide that the would worship only one god seems to have come about through the “priests and scribes” when they decided to destroy the consort of their tribal god called “Yahweh”.    Her name was Asherah.     She was the local version of the Mother Goddess.

They made sure they destroyed her “they smashed the Asherah, burnt her, ground her fine to powder and threw her in the river Hebron.”      From then on the people were told that they had to do all their worshipping in the temple in Jerusalem – which did not exist – but the point is that the Mother Goddess or Mother  Nature was abandoned.

We are paying the price for that today – and may not survive because of it.    


Or Birobizhan.       These Khazars first swept West with Attila the Hun and his hordes.

They settled in between the Black Sea the Caspian.    That is Khazaria, but Birobjan is further East.   It is the same size as Switzerland but far more fertile.    There is a modern city with everything a modern city usually has – parks and libraries and a museum and so on.


It was designated as The Autonomous Jewish Homeland by Stalin, who was a Georgian Jew and so probably descended from the same place and the same people.    He established it in 1921 and it was ratified in international law in about 1928 – though some say it was only ratified in 1945 !     In any case it is a proper country.

Why did they want to go to Palestine which is not fertile, it’s not a very good climate – and it belongs to Semitic people.    Always has!

They are not honest when they attach a prefix to their names, such as “ben”.   That is Arabic!    At least, I find that a bit slimy.  



Jeremiah seems to have been disgusted with the whole business and he said so:   “What is this “Law of God”?    It is nothing but a pack of lies from the lying pen of scribes.”