Julius, somehow I do not quite trust your conciliatory remarks about White people.   I do not think it is going to work.    ~If you really wish to work with and alongside White People why not join Ubuntu?      Michael Tellinger is way ahead with the push back against the bankers and gangsters.    /Go and join Ubuntu if you are serious.

I also wonder about the way Africans are going to keep their cultures alive as things are now set up and the way it is going.   Ironically it was the White Government who fostered the various cultures of South Africa – but now I see Black people simply copying everything White – suits and ties and motor cars – like Wabhenzis – and  mansions such as White people have lived in for centuries.

Do you want to be White?

More importantly, do you realise that Mandela agreed to SA losing it’s sovereignty – that it is now no longer a sovereign country or a sovereign nation.    It is just a business, just another corporation listed on the New York Stock |Exchange – anyone can buy shares in it!      The People of the country are listed as the “human resources” of the corporation which belong to the corporation  – as slaves, literally.    

The People of SA are nothing as free as they were twenty or so years ago.    They have been legally stripped of their human dignity.

The South African Reserve Bank – which should be independent and should be entirely dedicated to the well being of the People of South Africa – but it is not.    It belongs to The Crown which is the centre of all the central banks in the World except Iran and N. Korea!     I think there is one other country alsi still independent – Cuba perhaps.     Libya was smashed by NATO recently because she was planning an independent money system for all of Africa!      And you know about the constant crowding of and threatening of Iran – through Syria, of course.

The Queen is a member of the cartel or “The Crown” – but she is not the most important member of it – the Rothschilds are.     The British Queen is like the Doge of Venice – just the public face of this sinister organisation.
It gets worse;    South Africa was made a member of the Commonwealth which means that they do not have an independent choice of how to vote at the UN.     SA has to
 obey the British Queen and vote as she instructs them.

 I noticed that SA betyrayed Gaddafi.     SA voted against beautiful Libya and agreed to the destruction of that wonderful country which was dedicated to the People of the country.     No more.   They stole the 140 tons of gold – and they installed their own bank which is exactly like what Mandela and the Communist ANC agreed to allow in SA.

Perhaps he and the rest of the ANC had no choice!     You Africans have been too easeily duped by the Jewish communists.    Poor old Mandela was handled by the Polish Jew Joe Slovo!   

What understanding does a ~Polish Jew have of Africa?    Not much for sure – they were not and are not there for the benefit of Africans!

The worst of it all, to my mind, is that Mandela – and that silly Tutu – as well as the whole of the ANC I suppose, agreed to have the so called “rights” of homosexuals put into the new South African Constitution.

They betrayed the culture of Africa when they did that – and it will destroy South African Black people completely.     They are being systematically demoralised – their very soul trashed.

I hope you will go to have a talk with Michael Tellinger so that you might join forces to fight the real enemy of all mankind – not just South Africa.