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Justice for Germans

Excerpt from a speech entitled “The Commitment and Role of Women in the National Socialist State” by the “Reichsfrauenfuehrerin” (Reich Women’s Leader) Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, held at the Women’s rally during the District Congress of the NSDAP in Munich, October 1936. It was reproduced in a small, pocket size book, containing 33 pages. This is my own English translation beginning at the second paragraph of page 26, and continuing through to then of page 33 (ie. to the end of the speech). For those who read German, the original full speech is here.

There are other speeches by Frau Scholtz-Klink available which are already translated, and well worth reading, and I will post some of them in the future, or portions thereof.  However, I had not found this one elsewhere. I find it very significant for the reason that she addressed Christianity within National Socialism  and expressed very clearly, how they were intertwined…

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An inspector calls: Can YOU help her assess the damage caused by the bedroom tax?.

The Extinction Protocol

August 26, 2013CALIFORNIAA colossal wildfire raging across the western edge of Yosemite National Park swept further into the park on Sunday and forced the evacuation of some its camps due to heavy smoke, according to a park spokesman. The blaze on Sunday had come within 2 miles of a key reservoir that supplies most of San Francisco’s water. The so-called Rim Fire, which has burned 134,000 acres, caused the closure of the White Wolf area of the park on its western side, said Yosemite spokesman Tom Medema. Thirteen of 74 camps were occupied and evacuated, he said. The flames had consumed 15,000 acres within Yosemite, a park known for its waterfalls, giant sequoia groves and other scenic wonders, by Sunday afternoon, up from just over 12,000 acres in the morning, he said. “There’s no eminent risk from the fire but the smoke impact is so heavy…

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The House of Rothschild.

The Jewish side of Muslim Brotherhood.