It’s all over the news. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. It is the revelation of organized crime at the highest levels. It is the revealing of slave colony Earth. And it all has a very important purpose.

It’s not the fact that government committed treason upon the people that is being talked about per say, but that some dude blew the whistle on that government treason and is now seeking asylum from a government that seeks to punish him for his bravery.

And then there’s Wikileaks…

We are supposed to believe that there is a rogue white-haired ghost out there posting government secrets that somehow he and only he has been able to tap. And somehow he has eluded capture for his whistle-blowing, despite the monstrous world-wide surveillance apparatus and smart-grid that has been set up and capable of spotting a pimple on Saddam Husein’s white ass.

And the news reports the…

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