Ed Milliband has employed David Axelrod to “run” his campaign in the next election. Ed Miliband is a Jew and a communistic. Axelrod is also a Jew. What has Axelrod to do with this country, or with the British people??? He was part of the Obama person’s election or his early cabinet, and I think he also had something to do with the bankrupting of Iceland. What have thee people in common with the English, Welsh or Scots???

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Peter Jones in his book The 1848 Revolutions (Harlow: Longman 1981) describes the events of February 1848 in Paris, which culminated in a mob of workers storming the French Chamber of Deputies to overthrow the government and the monarchy:

On 20 February 1848 the reformers and the opposition to Guizot’s government in France made plans to hold a political banquet in Paris. the banquet was banned by the government and, as a result, the common people of Paris held a procession through the streets in protest against the decision. Their leaders presented a petition to the Chamber of Deputies demanding Guizot’s resignation.

The discontent against the government, and against Guizot in particular, had been growing during 1847 but then it had largely been a campaign of middle-class politicians. Now it was the cause of the common people of Paris and on 22 February 1848 the police had to clear an…

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