Belgian newspaper portrays Obamas as apes Belgian newspaper portrays Obamas as apes

Political satire has always been brutal in the way it portrays politicians it targets. Thus, I have no objection to portraying the Obamas as apes or monkeys. This portrayal of Africans as apes has a long history, obviously because Africa is home to apes, monkeys, and African tribesmen, and all of these creatures are dark in their skin coloring and also share some degree of facial resemblence.

Recent research has shown that the white Euro peoples (and Asians) have a small percent of their gene makeup from Neanderthals. Africans have no Neanderthal genes. Would it surprise anyone if scientists discovered that African tribesmen share some of their genes with apes and monkeys? I doubt it.

It’s still not politically correct to portray black people as apes today, in spite of the logic of doing so. Thus, the flap that ensued when a Belgian newspaper…

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